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Recent Customer Reviews

Runtz weed strain illustration
By: G-Man007420

I got a half oz of this by Western It's a weird but strong hybrid strain. Aroma wise its slightly off putting and scent is sort of soapy but slightly sweet. My friend said the smell alone almost gave him the runs like coffee does like I was saying its a weird one.. Bud appearance is really dark with lots of purple streaks. Its sits at 19% Thc but its strong the dominant terp here is Trans caryophylene. I see so many Runtz varieties but this OG original gets a 4.5 out of 5 from me but I will try others soon!

Candy OG
By: Bonnie Porter

Candy OG is so aromatic and the trichomes are plentiful when breaking it up. It has a sweet earthy taste that made me feel happy, sleepy and it took the edge off of the pain I have. I really like this strain.

Old Toby weed strain illustration
Old Toby
By: Lbp

Given old Toby, following spine surgery for my recovery. It was very helpful with the pain and promoted the healing process, quicker and more comfortably than the opioids did. For a few months of using it, and my recovery started to speed up, and I am nearly at 100%.

By: Jim bob

One of the best, smoothest strains I’ve ever smoked. Great effect and smell.

By: Peter Daniels

Highly recommended strain. I'm a cancer suffering from an end of life condition. Pain management is tops without toxic drawbacks. Puts a smile on your face taste fantastic and the yeild is pretty good too. I managed 98 gms from 400watts of cob legs from seed to harvest in 74 days wow...

Colorado Chem weed strain illustration
Colorado Chem
By: Gregory Battiste

Head and body high calm 💪 🔥