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History & Genetics

In Italian, “biscotti” is a combination of the words meaning “twice” and “cooked.” When the pastry has hardened halfway, you cut them in half and bake them again, perfect for sweet coffees, teas, and mid-morning snacks. You can twice cook your brain with the Biscotti strain and its mid-20s THC levels and super delicious dessert flavors. If you’re looking for a little Italy in your living room, full of giggling deliciousness, where depression can’t afford to pay the rent and has to beg for money on the street corner, try a Biscotti.

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Cookies Fam turned Girl Scout Cookies, Gelato #25, Girl Scout Cookies, and Gorilla Glue #4 into delicious cookie magic with Biscotti.

Typical Effects


Common Usage


Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

This rare indica (80/20) takes advantage of a delicious terpene profile (the strain favors Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Myrcene) to generate its insane flavors. This also makes it great for cannabis connoisseurs that want to make their own extracts, which favor a rich terpene profile. Users in the Bay Area that want a new dessert-like strain similar to Thin Mints Cookies should check this one out.

THC Content












The high begins as a conglomerate of its sweet and gassy scents, a rush of cerebral energy and “liftedness.” Your mind will feel literally high, unfocused, and full of blissful calm. Your body will become warm, tingly, and washed over like a shore on a milk and cookies sea. You’ll feel sociable, relaxed, and giggly on Biscotti while enjoying the crazy sugars of the cookie-flavored strain, which smells of earth, fruit, herbs, and cookie. It’s rich, potent, and spicy on the exhale.

Biscotti relaxes both your mind and body, allowing you to dispel fogginess, lethargy, depression, and mood swings. If you find yourself often confused or fatigued by your busy week, a Biscotti can help you recover your energy. You can use it to prepare for a social situation, jolt yourself back to a state of mood-enhancing relaxation, or just get through a hard day. And if you love Snickerdoodles, you’ll love how this one tastes.


If you grow Biscotti, plan for a flowering time of 8-9 weeks. If you are planning to grow this outdoors, you'll be harvesting around mid to late October. As this strain is primarily indica, it grows into a stout, bushy plant that is average in size. Growers have said the plant grows to about 4 feet high. Low-stress training and Screen of Green grow techniques can assist Biscotti to thrive. 

The West coast has a lot of great strains. This one has olivey nugs, dark green with long orange hairs, and a layer of trichome frost. Few strains anywhere have this nutty, sweet cocktail of flavors though. If you’re looking for some kick-back food and want to inhale it rather than eat it, try the Biscotti strain for as much delicious cerebral bliss as you can handle.


February 10, 2024

Peter Daniels

Highly recommended strain. I'm a cancer suffering from an end of life condition. Pain management is tops without toxic drawbacks. Puts a smile on your face taste fantastic and the yeild is pretty good too. I managed 98 gms from 400watts of cob legs from seed to harvest in 74 days wow...

September 9, 2023

Stayin medicated

This is an okay strain. It seems to help with some muscle pains and aches but doesn’t really do the job for me when it comes to anxiety, stress and definitely not intended for insomnia. It is okay.

August 23, 2023

Joe dirt

This strain is excellent when using a dry herb vape, this thing produces crazy flavor off my fury edge at 345f, complex notes, better than combustion. Anyways it is a slow creeper when it smacks it smacks hard

October 22, 2022

KoMui Garden's

Delicious in test and confirm all what is described above 😍

August 27, 2022

Daryl Palmer

I'm late to the game on this one! I've recently been able to add this stain to my rotation, and this is definitely a top ten strain for me! Pairs incredibly well with Italian coffee(black) to bring out its sweet vanilla notes!