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History & Genetics

Death Star is an indica dominant hybrid strain of marijuana known for it's potency and having a creeping onset. While you may be eying this strain especially if you are a Star Wars fan, it's got a lot more going for it than just a cool name.

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Death Star is a cross of the infamous Sour Diesel and Sensi Star. This cross breeding results in Death Star having a mix of both indica and sativa effects, giving it a nice balance. This strain is renowned for having high THC Content with potent effects.

Typical Effects


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Appearance, Aroma, & Flavor

The buds are thick, fat, and sticky. Death Star features dark orange hairs on dark green leaves, but can also feature bright, green leaves with darker green accents, and the same vibrant, amber trichomes. Death Star has a pungent, earthy aroma. Many customers like its powerful fragrance as similar to that of a skunk.

THC Content











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A Death Star cannabis nugget with a golden green hue, cream-colored trichomes, and orange hairs 

Bear in mind it's going to be a bit tricky covering the strong odor of Death Star even just breaking up the sticky buds will leave the room with that unmistakable Death Star scent. The taste is dominantly diesel with a slight citrus kick. The sweetness varies a bit, coming in waves. If you're a big diesel fan you'll absolutely love Death Star.


Death Star, like all strains, has its great benefits. Many people suffering from depression find solace in Death Star. It also helps alleviate stress as well. Death Star is also great for insomnia, proving itself a very effective sleeping aid. Nausea and pain are two more ailments that Death Star can be used to relieve. Needless to say, Death Star is quite useful for a variety of ailments. This is a great strain to consider if you're looking for the best qualities of both sativa and indica to satiate your woes!

Death Stars journey began in Ohio in the early 2000's. The strain was developed by 'Team Death Star,' who only began popularizing the strain in 2004. Death Star then grew in popularity throughout the Midwest and up and down the East Coast. In 2010, right around a decade after Death Star was conceived, it was featured in High Times.


Death Star can be grown both indoors and outdoors, the flowering period generally lasting around 65 days. It is known to grow in short bushes, and the buds are generally smaller. Bud rot is partially common when growing Death Star due to its dense buds.


October 16, 2023


Growing up in Ohio during the height of Deathstar was incredible. It has a distinct smell like the funkiest shoe you've never smelled before. It's fuel mixed with pepper and earth. Love this strain. One of my all time favs.

September 12, 2022

Full name

It's strong and hits with a punch. It makes me hallucinate and a tad bit paranoid or not trusting of the people I live by.Not for me,wow just wow.

August 31, 2022


One of my all time favourite strains. I have chronic pain, and deathstar helps take my mind off of the everyday woes that I encounter. The buds are a dark green with beautiful orange pistols. I find the smoke can be a bit harsh, making me cough quite a bit. It’s a blissful euphoric ride that lasts for a couple hours.

June 28, 2022


I had to come onto Wiki just to post about this strain since i just had it for the very first time and it's hard for me to write reviews as i have been puffing at like 15/16 back in good ol "93 there and i'm 45 now. I have had access to the best BC Bud with the bros i know and had some dank, sticky icky bud that will couch lock you or the best sativa or hybrid that will energize you but not too much and in a nice balanced way. But DEATH STAR is simply amazing! it burns good, it's taste great and not harsh on the throat at all whether you pipe or joint, vape etc... And it's a pretty heavy relaxing high. I just wanna netflix and chill with the gf or game with the bros. Great for after working out at the gym also!! or a tough day at the office or work. I got this on sale for $75 for an O and seriously going to get more asap. Highly recommended from an OG puffer who grew up in Vancouver, Canada haha! Cheers all :D

August 7, 2021


It’s Everything you’ve heard!!!