Canadian cannabis consumers smoke a lot of weed. A whopping 25% of the adult population reported using cannabis in the last 12 months and the country's growing legal market continues to see success. But which products are Canadians keen to consume? We teamed up with our friends at Hifyre IQ to learn about the top selling cannabis strains in Canada. In the first installment of this series, we're exploring the top strains in Ontario. Keep reading to see if your favorites made the list! Even better, if you're a reader who's an adult of legal age in Canada you can purchase these strains right here in this article, just click the buttons below and purchase online from Fire & Flower.

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Pink Kush

Pink Kush is, without a doubt, the most popular strain in Canada, unseating even the ubiquitous Blue Dream. Pink Kush is bred from OG Kush, a timeless classic that pops up all over the modern cannabis landscape in countless crosses. If you’ve seen any strain with OG in the name (I’m sure you can think of at least one or two, or fifteen), OG Kush is at the party.

Pink Kush cannabis strain

Pink Kush is sociable strain known to induce the giggles, and though it is an indica, it isn’t typically associated with the heavy, dense body high that some other strains in the OG family can induce. Instead, Pink Kush is popular for a distinctly light, floaty feeling (which is probably how it’s able to contend with Blue Dream). Pink Kush is yet another impressive twist on a timeless classic, and the perfect torchbearer for the new wave of Canadian cannabis.


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Wedding Cake

Consumers across Ontario have expressed their undying affection for this stellar hybrid. Wedding Cake boasts prestigious genetics containing Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies. For those not immediately familiar with those strains, both have Durban Poison genetics, with OG Kush and Granddaddy Purple rounding out the rest of the family tree. That’s a lot of history and talent contained in just one plant.

Wedding Cake cannabis strain

As an overall balanced but slightly indica-leaning hybrid (60-40), the effects profile is a nice mixture of boost and mellow. And while the strain doesn’t quite carry the aroma of its namesake, a subtle blend of sweet spices creates a soft background to this unique cultivar. Wedding Cake might not smell or taste like having a piece of cake, but you’ll recognize a familiar warm feeling all the same.


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Blue Dream

Ah, the ever-present classic. It’s no secret by now that Blue Dream just might be the most popular cannabis strain in the world, while also not actually being any one strain. There might have been an original, but recent studies show that the Blue Dream strains on dispensary shelves across the legalized market tend not to be genetically related. Whatever the real genetics are may now be lost to history, but the effectss profile is what lives on.

Blue Dream cannabis strain

Blue Dream is iconic for its floaty, outgoing vibe that leaves cannabis consumers lifted but functional, creating one of the most overall pleasant highs. Due to its popularity, there are countless versions of Blue Dream, and not all are created equal. However, when you find that right cut or cultivar, you’ll know it. If you happen to come across a dispensary that carries a reliable supply of good Blue Dream, hold on to them, and keep the dream alive.


Jean Guy

A Canadian original, Jean Guy might sound like the name of anyone’s interesting cousin from Quebec, but it’s actually White Widow’s interesting cousin from Quebec, and wow, what a great guest to stop by for a visit. This strain carries many of the same sativa-forward qualities of its parent lineage, with a slight twist. Consumers report that Jean Guy is a bit more manageable than its famous family member, while sporting a light citrus zing that’s not as prominent in White Widow.

Jean Guy cannabis strain

It’s the most sativa-leaning strain on this list (while Blue Dream has a characteristic outgoing quality, it’s not on this level). Jean Guy is a great strain for outdoor enthusiasts, concert goers, or really anyone looking for a strain that pairs with the more active side of your week. Jean Guy is also notable for its lengthy high, which tends to hang around a bit longer than your typical sativa. If you’re inviting Jean Guy over, prepare for a proper hangout.


GMO Cookies

One of the best powerhouse collaborations since Queen ran into Bowie recording in Switzerland in 1981 to make “Under Pressure.” Two monsters of the modern cannabis scene, Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdawg, combine in GMO Cookies to create one of the most unique strains on the market today. “Garlic” wasn’t a terpene note you heard passed around much at all until GMO Cookies came on the scene.

GMO Cookies cannabis strain

In fact, you’ll often see other versions of the same Chemdawg/Cookies cross under the name Garlic Cookies. And speaking of being under pressure, it has a lot to do with why GMO Cookies is so popular. Hash connoisseurs have elevated the status of GMO cookies thanks to its pungent, gassy terpene profile and a propensity harvest that are absolutely dripping in trichomes, which are the best for making top-quality rosin and hash.

GMO Cookies might be a trendy “hype” strain at the moment, but the hype is real, and this strain is likely here to stay.