Ashlee Evans-Smith: Grace in Life and A Killer In the Octagon

In person, it’s hard to imagine Ashlee Evans-Smith as anything but a lover. She’s thoughtful, kind, articulate, intelligent and offers a warm acceptance that makes everyone around her relaxed. Perhaps this is a result of when entering a room, she knows she can pound, grapple and lock just about anyone into submission. 

While supportive of recreational use, Evans-Smith states that her professional cannabis story started with CBD products, largely focusing on anti-inflammation and recovery time for extreme athletes. During the interview, Evans-Smith mentions she’s sponsored by CBDaily, but upon follow up, she stated  “That was like 5 CBD companies ago”. While hilarious, this offers a clear view on the abundance of CBD companies in the current market, as well as how much acceptance has grown within professional sports.  She now works with a company called Thru Hemp

She’s often referred to us as her favorite Canadians and we couldn't be happier for her podcast's success. 

You can find Ashlee Evans-Smith on Instagram @ashleemma and you can find the Sex and Violence Podcast @secandviolencewithrebelgirl 

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UFC fighter, actor and podcast host Ashlee Evans-Smith [Into the Weeds Podcast Recap]

This week’s edition of Into the Weeds (ITW) sees Ben, Efrem and guest host Jon Cappetta of High Times magazine joined by UFC fighter, podcast host and actor, Ashlee “Rebel Girl '' Evans-Smith. During the episode, Evans-Smith discusses her career in the UFC, her training regiment, cannabis in professional fighting.Since this episode was recorded the UFC has formally changed their policy on Cannabis and no longer considers it to be a violation of their anti doping policy. Ashlee also discusses her humble beginnings growing up in Ukiah, California, the punk rock town which is largely responsible for her “Rebel Girl” nickname, as well as her budding acting career and villainous role in the film, LOLA. 

From UFC to Film, Ashlee Evans-Smith is a driving force in whatever she touches. 

Ashlee grew up a punk rocker in the small town of Ukiah, California. Ukiah is also the home of punk legends like Davy Havok of AFI, Nick 13 of Tiger Army and many more. It makes sense that these ideologies have crept into her professional life leaving her with the apt nickname Rebel Girl. Ashlee was an 80’s baby and studied Journalism at Menlo College before beginning her professional fighting career at the age of 26 in 2012, she exploded onto the MMA circuit and quickly made a name for herself. 

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In 2013, Evans-Smith also made headlines when she fought now retired transgender MMA fighter Fallon Fox, where she won by TKO, ushering a highly politicised topic into the forefront of MMA Zeitguist. 

In recent years, a long with acting, Evans-Smith has explored new avenues in her career including launching her own, highly successful and well received podcast called The Sex and Violence podcast where she inteviews a variety of guests, mostly thise in the MMA circuits. 

The Sex and Violence Podcast

The Sex & Violnce Podcast can be found wherever your favourite podcast can be found and focuses more than just MMA fighters and fighting. Hosted by Evans-Smith, she  Interview’s top level MMA fighters about love,romance,dating and sex. No topics are taboo and Ashlee  explores and flexes her journalistic roots with a new, sexy spin on MMA journalism.