Troy Dendekker AKA Mama Troy of Sublime   [Into the Weeds Podcast Recap]

Welcome, weed lovers! On this week's episode of Into the Weeds (ITW), we're thrilled to have a very special guest: Mama Troy, aka Troy Dendekker, the wife of the late and great Bradley Nowell from the legendary band, Sublime. In this episode, Mama Troy gives us an exclusive peek into the world of Sublime and where she's at today, nearly three decades after Bradley's passing. She shares heartwarming stories about her relationship with the surviving band members, the exciting collaborations they've been cooking up lately, and even fills us in on how she and Bradley's son are doing. So, whether you're a diehard Sublime fan or just curious about what life is like after a major rock star's passing, you won't want to miss this one. Tune in, light up, and get ready to dive deep Into the Weeds with Mama Troy!

Troy Dendekker aka Mama Troy

30 or so years later, It’s hard to comprehend what Sublime meant to people and how they affected pop culture across the planet. The easiest way to grasp the concept of Sublime is to sublet the word “band” for “movement”, because that’s what it became. 

In many parts of the world, Sublime is considered a primarily acoustic based ska act that appeals to college kids and indie bands as they sneak doobies in their dorm rooms, but what Bradley Nowell and company started was so much more. It’s a shame that addiction took that opportunity away before Bradey could see how his positivity would affect the entire planet. 

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If there’s anything that Mama Troy seems to be channeling or embodying it’s this very spirit. 

Troy inherited control of Sublime after Bradley’s death and has tried her best to keep everyone together and a family. While rumors swirled for years about inner conflict amongst concerned parties, it would seem, at least at the time of recording this episode, that relationships are the best amongst original band members and crew that they’ve been in awhile. If that's not the case, you wouldn’t know it with the way she praises the other surviving members of the Sublime family. 

At the time of recording (Spring 2019), pre-pandemic, Troy was beginning to shop an official Sublime documentary that was debuting at Tribeca film fest. The film, directed by Bill Gutenhag, had been gaining momentum but has seemingly gone quiet since the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Troy also discusses her son, Jakob James Nowell’s music career which is beginning to thrive. While Jakob’s voice sounds exactly like his father’s, his written music falls more into rock or prog than anything you may associate Sublime with. 

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Through everything, Troy seems to remain extremely humble and grounded. A tue agent of change and an agent of “PMA” (Positive Mental Attitude). 


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